Dentist in Yonkers

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For a dentist in Yonkers who provides the highest quality of care to bring out the best in your smile, choose Central Park Dental for all your family’s dental needs. Our skilled and experienced dentist keeps pace with the latest developments in both technology and techniques to better serve the needs of every patient. From routine oral exams to the full rehabilitation of your smile, you can depend on our office when you need us most. Extending a warm welcome to patients of all ages, we invite you and your family members to our office for care.

Routine checkups are so much more than an oral exam and professional teeth cleaning. They’re a critical component of an effective oral care regimen, long established for reducing the risk of dental disease at every stage of life. According to the American Dental Association, combining bi-annual checkups with a proper oral care regimen at home, you can almost entirely eliminate the development of cavities and gum disease. By scheduling regular checkups, it’s easier for your dentist in Yonkers to detect issues at their earliest, when treatment is often the simplest. At Central Park Dental, we use the most advanced diagnostic modalities to screen for a broad range of dental issues. From dental decay and the earliest signs of gum disease, to TMJ, infections, and impacted teeth, we’re committed to keeping a close watch over your oral health. In addition to your oral exam, we provide a professional teeth cleaning to expertly remove any harmful plaque buildup from your smile. Dental plaque is the primary cause of particularly harmful dental conditions such as gum disease, which ranks as the number one cause of tooth loss nationwide among adults. We’ll also take special care to teach you and your loved ones the proper methods to brush and floss throughout the year, to keep the harmful effects of plaque buildup at bay.

Together with the help of your dentist in Yonkers, we can help to keep your smile both happy and healthy! To schedule your next checkup at Central Park Dental, call our friendly staff today!